The Board of TRUSTEES

Since 2012, the Centre has been operated by the Hill Street Youth and Community Centre charitable organisation (CIO no 1156128). The Charity was set-up specifically to ensure that the valuable community services offered by the Centre, were continued to be provided to all and a strategic trustee committee, was created to apply for funding, raise monies, commission services and to secure partnership working with key agencies.

The Centre, is located within a Tier 1 priority area as defined by he multiple deprivation index characterised by high levels of ill health, crime, low income, low educational achievement and unemployment.

With a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers, alongside the support and funding from national and local charities, the Police Crime Commissioner, local County Councillors and local donations, the CIO has managed to secure funding in excess of £800,000 that allows the Charity to employ a small team to coordinate and manage all the activities that take place within the Centre.

The Centre also generates income through room and venue rental. This is aimed directly at local community groups, and includes such activities as Youth Clubs, Adult Learning, Job Clubs, Sports Clubs, Crisis Support, Career Guidance, Professional Support Agencies and many more.

See 'Our Partners' page for additional information.

Our team of nine trustees, all have significant experience within the commercial or public service sectors, and are ably supported by a small team of volunteers who act as advisors to the management team. We are also guided by an external, independent performance committee who oversee the strategic work of the trustee team.

Stephen Richards - Chair & Treasurer

Jan Bowden - Vice-Chair

Claire Edwards - Secretary

Ian Bentlett

Mark Gore

Ian Davis

Priya Tek Kalsi

Rob Brock

Our Volunteers

Brian Ingram

Kate Harvey

Margaret Phillips

John Vereker

If you would like to become involved at the Centre or more directly with the Charity, please express your interest in the first instance in writing to


Mr. Stephen Richards - Chairperson

The Hill Street Centre, Hill Street, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2NB or alternatively drop your letter into the office and we will pass it on directly to Stephen.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to give us a call directly on 01788 576041 and speak to anyone at the Centre - we would love to hear from you.


Rebecca Brown

Office Manager

Tel 01788 576041

Mail rebecca@hillstreetcentre.org


Chris Maddox

Charity Development Manager

Tel 01788 576041

Mail chris@hillstreetcentre.org


Charlotte Doughty

Youth Liaison

Tel 01788 576041

Mail charlotte@hillstreetcentre.org

The Hill Street Youth and Community Centre

Hill Street



CV21 2NB

Tel 01788 576041

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CENTRE Monday - Sunday 9am - 9pm

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