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Group of Friends Going on Excursion

Youth Hub

Funded by Children In Need,

The Youth Hub is delivered three times a week on a Thursday 7pm-9pm, Friday 6pm-8pm and a Saturday daytime 12pm-2pm. All session are free to attend for all young people aged 10 to 19 years old. 

The Youth Hub provides young people with the chance to take part in various activities, which include; arts & crafts, multisport, table tennis, pool, cookery, accredited learning, personal development & volunteering. The programme also works with different partners to deliver workshops dealing with issues affecting young people



Funded by the Police Crime Commissioner, the Engage programme runs specifically to provide support for young people aged 16 - 23 who are finding the transition in adulthood difficult.

The group meets every Wednesday between 11am & 3pm at the Centre and offers guidance around areas such as education, mental health, sexual awareness, substance and alcohol abuse, crime, housing and employment.

The programme includes sport, cookery, musical creation, days out, accompanied meetings and 1:1 support.

Cheerful Seniors

Over 50's Club

Our Over 50's Club runs on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Based in the coffee lounge at the Centre, the group activities include:

  • Guest speakers

  • Days Out

  • Lunches

  • Fund raising events

  • Links to other similar groups across County.

If you are interested in attending or would like further information, please contact either Irene or Margaret through the Centre on 01788 576041.

Alternatively feel free to visit the session - you will be made to feel very welcome with a cup of tea and slice of cake.

Adult Students

Adult Learning

Delivered by Warwickshire County Council, the lessons at the Centre include:

  • Maths

  • English

  • ESOL

  • Computers

  • Art

  • Crafts

The lessons are run during the day and some evenings.

Please call ACL direct on

01788 552933

to enquire further or visit or email

Happy Kids Huddle

Play Rangers

Funded by Children In Need, Hill Street partners with Rugby Borough Council Play Rangers to deliver an open access play session for children and young people aged 0 to 13 years old. 

The programme takes part on a Friday between 4pm-5.30pm at the centre. Children under the age of eight years are always accompanied by an adult during the session and join in with the young person.

Play sessions include a range of activities and time to socialise with similar age groups.


Friends Walking Home

Positive Pathways

Funded by the Police Crime Commissioner, Positive Pathways provides young people aged 11 to 19 years a support and mentoring programme away from mainstream services. 


The programme works on a 1:1 basis tackling topics around bullying, street theft, hate crimes, anti-social behaviour and many more. The sessions are all person centred, down to the timings of the project and the activities undertaken. 


Positive Pathways works with key partners to enable the best support for young people.

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