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"We cannot thank and endorse the Engage Programme enough. It has provided our son with significant personal support and guidance, backed up with group activities, which have transformed his confidence and given him a positive direction in life at a time when it was needed badly."

"I’ve been going to Engage for a year where I have been given the opportunity to socialize and build my confidence whilst participating in activities which are focussed on planning and independence.


By talking as a group, the sessions feel welcoming and we are able to discuss anything on our mind. The staff are all professional and approachable which makes me feel more comfortable when talking to others and it is clear how keen they are to help which has made my time there worthwhile and very enjoyable."

Over the last 3 years, the team at the Hill Street Youth and Community Centre have successfully delivered the Engage project to young adults of Rugby, who are struggling with the transition into full adulthood. Targeted at young people aged between 17 and 23, the programme has delivered many positive outcomes across a huge spectrum of issues, including education, employment, finance, physical and mental health, relationships and many more.

Due to the pressures of daily life many young people who are struggling with behavioural problems, poor mental health, restrictive family environments, learning complexities are expected to function normally within society, and make life changing decisions without the appropriate guidance, support, or education to do so.


More and more young people visit our Centre sharing this situation and bemoaning the lack of empathy and understanding from families, friends, and professional agencies. Engage was created to bridge this gap and fulfil this need.

Starting in May 2021, we have redesigned the programme to present twice weekly sessions, covering a monthly subject matter that has been chosen to provide all participants with the tools to accept responsibilities, understand the change they are going through, process the expectation placed upon them, and learn the skills to help with the transition process.

Each week the programme will be presented as a classroom-based theory session, and then supported by practical activities to further enhance the learnings from the classroom. It is hoped that this combination will provide the theoretical knowledge, and practical experience to become accepted into daily routine, and promote behavioural change.

All participants would be classed as ‘NEET’ (Not in Education, Employment or Training), and finding daily life confusing, struggling to identify a route forward, and needing positive mentor or role model engagement.


Engage is not aimed at managing unruly behaviour, but simply providing the tools, advice, and support to realign aspiration, see the bigger picture, and achieve simple but positive steps. In return promoting a rewarding, realistic and targeted future for all.

"The Engage Programme has given me a purpose in life, helped my confidence and provided opportunities for my personal development. I've really enjoyed the activities and met new friends. The 1 to 1 sessions have helped me work out some issues I was having in a really positive and supportive environment"


MAY 2021

'Life After Lockdown'

7 sessions


JUNE 2021

'Mental Health Matters'

8 sessions


JULY 2021

'My Body Matters'

7 sessions

Session Themes 1st Quarter


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"Having been part of the Hill Street team for nearly two years, I am very excited to take on the lead for the Engage project.


As a Rugby resident, mum of 3 beautiful girls, an ex-police officer and qualified youth worker, I have seen and experienced first-hand the difficulties our young community face daily. At Engage, our aim is to provide the guidance, support and mentoring any young person will need to complete their own journey into adulthood. 

I am determined to ensure every individual on the Engage Programme benefits from every session we deliver regardless of the subject. 

I have no doubts it will be challenging but will continue to learn and grow alongside all the individuals selected to attend this wonderful opportunity. 

Hope to see you soon."



Project Lead & Coordinator


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Project Support


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"Having lived in the town for over 40 years, I can appreciate the difficulties of growing up in and around Rugby. The town has changed dramatically over the years and many support services have disappeared. It is so vital that our young community receive the guidance they need and the Engage project will provide this in abundance.

I will be providing the project with mental and physical health support, nutrition, and wellbeing content, and will be supporting the delivery  in the classroom, the Centre and across our community.

I am excited to work with some of our more vulnerable young people, and hope to be able to impact their successful futures."