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Our ENGAGE programme has run for 4 years and is exclusively funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire. The programme is designed to support young adults who have struggled with the transition into adulthood and find daily existence difficult. The majority of our participants have needed additional support throughout their lives and have found education difficult.


The programme runs twice weekly and is open to anyone who feels like they need a hand to make the steps successfully into work, education or establishing their role within the community. Working in small groups the participants take active roles in their development and growth.


Some parts of the programme are classroom based and others more practical and hands-on but the sessions follow a very particular theme. We address such issues as:-

  • Relationships

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Personal Development

  • Communication

  • Independent Living

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • and many more.


The programme is free to attend and based at the Centre. All participants are required to meet with the session team before attending the programme.


Please call the office on 01788 576041 to find out more or to arrange to come and see what we do on the sessions.​


What people say about ENGAGE .

"We cannot thank and endorse the Engage Programme enough. It has provided our son with significant personal support and guidance, backed up with group activities, which have transformed his confidence and given him a positive direction in life at a time when it was needed badly."

“The Engage Programme has given me a purpose in life, helped my confidence and provided opportunities for my personal development. I've really enjoyed the activities and met new friends. The 1 to 1 sessions have helped me work out some issues I was having in a really positive and supportive environment"

“By talking as a group, the sessions feel welcoming, and we can discuss anything on our mind. The staff are all professional and approachable which makes me feel more comfortable when talking to others and it is clear how keen they are to help which has made my time there worthwhile and very enjoyable."

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